Mailman Walks Up To Neighbourhood’s “Dangerous” Dog And Everything Is Caught On Camera

German Shepherds tend to get labeled as scary and tough. This is not surprising, considering how large and how heavy they can grow. Sadly, they are the number one breed of dogs in rescue. There are many homeless, abandoned and unwanted German Shepherds because this pup comes with a reputation. They are believed to be dangerous and ferocious, unpredictable and ready to snap at a moment’s notice.

While German Shepherds can be trained as guard dogs and are favored by the police as their K9s, it takes years of training to get to that level. While they aren’t mellow and easy keepers, German Shepherds are docile animals and love human companionship and socializing. That’s what makes them worthwhile to train! They do well when they have a job to do and do even better when they receive lots of love and cuddles, just like 9-month-old Kyza.

Kyza is a German Shepherd puppy. His owner Michael confesses that Kyza always gets pegged for being unapproachable and menacing. He’s a big dog with a lot of energy who loves to run around Michael’s big backyard in a New Zealand suburb.

One day, Michael set up a camera outside, and after a big long run around the yard, caught Kyza taking a bit of a break when a friendly stranger came up to say hi. What happens next defies all rumors spread about this “terrible” dog!

Inside the fence, Kyza is seen laying down soaking up the sun, until Steve the mailman shows up on his bike. The moment he shows up, the eager dogs gets up to greet him with full-on affection and excitement! Whether on his route or not, Steve always makes a point to come by and say hi to his furry friend. He gets off his bike and spends a little time with the dog, giving Kyza a good rub. Notice the dog’s tail wagging, his body language calm and grateful for the hello from a good friend! Steve even gets a few slobbery kisses himself!

Just when you think Kyza gets enough love and drops down from the fence, he gets right back up and asks for seconds before Steve has to go. This is a really cute moment that just goes to show how much of a slush bucket German Shepherds can be.

Click below to watch this impromptu hello between the mailman and the neighborhood’s scariest beast!

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